Bitcoin Startup Coinbase Is Raising Another $50 Million


Bitcoin startup Coinbase is seeking to raise another round of funding, which could add $50 million in new capital before it’s finished. According to sources, however, the company has faced headwinds in the fundraising process that may limit the total amount raised.

Sources tell us Coinbase is raising $50 million of new capital less than a year after its last financing, a $25 million Series B led by Andreessen Horowitz. That’s a pretty big jump in a short period of time, and would once again make Coinbase the best-capitalized Bitcoin startup after recent $30 millionfunding rounds for BlockChain and BitPay.

(FWIW Re/code, which was apparently chasing this story at the same time we were, reports DFJ is linked to the funding round. Coinbase, btw, declined to comment.)

That said, one source tells us Coinbase started out with an even more ambitious goal during the fundraising process, initially seeking…

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Finding social media to be an opportunity for self-examination and maturity. Your social media “friends” represent so many different aspects of your life. Some from where you grew up, some from school, some from work, some your children’s friends and their parents, some from times you don’t share with many people, and, of course, your kids. Not every joke works. Not every witticism is understood. Social media has required us to define the “who” we want to be… or, should I say, need to be.